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The Boyle Landmark Trust was founded in 1971. Our Main objective is preserving architectural history for future generations.


The Boyle Landmark Trust was founded in 1971. Our Main objective is preserving architectural history for future generations.

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Preserving the Past

Preserving the Past

Preserving the Past

The Boyle Landmark Trust, a non-profit advocate for historic preservation. Together we help to illuminate the importance of our historic structures, so they may better serve our community for the future.


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Preserving the Past

Preserving the Past

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Preserving the Past

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Restoring and Preserving Boyle County Landmarks couldn't be accomplished without the help from our community. Please consider assisting us in our conservation efforts either with your valuable  

time or a tax deductible donation. Each individual can help protect the treasures of Boyle County for generations to come.


Providence Foundation Awards Historic Preservation Grants

The 1772 Foundation announces 27 grant recipients

MEDIA CONTACT – Mary Anthony, The 1772 Foundation, maryanthony@1772foundation.org


PROVIDENCE, RI – The 1772 Foundation, based in Providence, RI, plays a leading role in promoting historic properties redevelopment programs (HPRPs), also known as revolving funds, nationwide. At their quarterly meeting, its trustees awarded HPRP grants.

**Grant recipient Boyle Landmark Trust in Danville, KY ($10,000),

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Local Historic Interest


 The Dunlap House, located on North Third Street, was being torn down in 2007. During the demolition it was discovered that there were rather large logs making up the structure’s frame. 

It was soon discovered that the logs were a double-pen, dog trot, log structure. Although it is not certain when the log structure was built, it is believed to date to Danville’s early settlement period and may date as early as 1785. 

This style of log structure was common to Kentucky and it owes its name to the way it was constructed. The log “cabin” is made up of two cribs or pens. They are connected by a center breezeway or what is called a “dog trot.”

A local effort was mounted throughout 2007 to remove the logs from the site as the house was scheduled to be demolished. A combined effort of the Boyle Landmark Trust, The Heart of Danville, and the City of Danville raised enough funds to secure the log structure’s preservation. The logs were removed and are now housed in a warehouse owned by the City of Danville. Several suggestions for the log’s final use were advanced over the years, but to date they remain in storage with no permanent plan in place.

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