Fackler, Calvin. A Chronicle of the Old First (Presbyterian Church, Danville, Kentucky) 1784-1944. 1946
This book focuses on the history of the First Presbyterian Church in Danville, KY. It contains biographical information on many of the early residents of Danville. It is well researched with good footnotes.

Fackler, Calvin. Early Days in Danville. 1941
This book is a history of the development of Danville, KY. It contains information on early residents, politics, economics, and buildings. It is an indispensable reference and is well footnoted.

Fackler, Calvin. Historic Homes of Boyle County, Kentucky, and the Three Courthouses. 1959
This book focuses on the history of the courthouse as well as some of the older houses in Boyle County, KY. It is a compilation of some of the articles that Fackler wrote in the Kentucky Advocate.

Heart of Danville Book Committee. Danville and Boyle County in the Bluegrass Region in Kentucky: An Architectural History. 1999.
This book is an excellent survey of the architecture in Boyle County. It contains photos and very brief mentions of the architecture. It is a good resource to begin with.