1797 Plat of Danville, KY
Available at the Boyle County Public Library

1876 D.G. Beers Map

This indispensable map lists the property owners of record in Boyle County in 1876. It is viewable and downloadable at the Library of Congress website.

Sanborn Maps [NOTE: This website will be changing shortly]

The Sanborn Map Company produces insurance maps that use color to demonstrate materials. Generally limited to concentrated areas of population. The following years are available online: Danville – 1886, 1891, 1896, 1901, 1908, 1914. Junction City – 1908, 1915. All the maps for Boyle County are available for viewing at the University of Kentucky Map library, located in Lexington, KY.

Map Library, in the Margaret I. King Library Building
410C MIK King Library South
Lexington, KY
(859) 257-0121